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Experiment #1 – Twitter Conclusion

After a year of creating content and posting it to Facebook and Twitter, I have had hundreds of clicks on Facebook and 2 from Twitter.

One of the most important parts of learning marketing is to listen to the stats and respond to them in a way that is consistent with your inner ethos and aesthetic.

Reasons for so little leads for my business are possibly: I don’t understand it well enough, I have not identified my target market on there, and I don’t spend enough time on there.

That said, I am now going to experiment with LinkedIn, which has had one referral per post in the last year.

Don’t Make This SEO Mistake!

I Broke My Website with This Simple SEO Mistake As I was researching my website content and its ranking on Google today, I came across one seo mistake of the many I have made and am learning from in managing my own websites.  If you’ve ever heard of the barber who never had a good… Continue Reading

Introducing Case Study #1

A case study takes time, but I wanted to record my before info here so that you can see how I run my basic inbound and social campaign. Customer: Aletheia Christian College Problem: Has a hard time recruiting students from rural Idaho and their target market has been too small in the past. This results… Continue Reading


The Writer’s Cue is for businesses who need writing and for writers who need business.

This is a place to come and learn what it takes to get your content found online and what it takes to get your writing into the hands of business people. Although it may seem like I am doing too much with The Writer’s Cue, I believe that if I forge the way, I need to leave a trail for those who follow after.

So welcome to the site.

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