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Why You Should Never Close Another Sale


Preparing for Door-To-Door Success!
Preparing for Door-To-Door Success!

Knock, Knock.

Knock, Knock.

Ring-a-ding. Ring-a-ding.


“Hi, are you the mom of the house?”

“Yeah, wait what’s this about?”

“Ok, great. My name is _____ and I am the student who is in the area helping parents plan their student’s educational success.”

…15 Minutes Later…

“OK. If you just sign here, I’ll get your order in process and be back to deliver your books in a few weeks.”

“Wait, what about______?”

“I totally understand how you feel, ________ down the street felt the same way, but after she realized that these books are __________, she was able to make a decision to purchase that same day. I am trying to meet with all the families in the area, so I do not have the time to keep coming back. So, if you will just sign here…”

I hand her the pen. She signs. It’s a good day.

Every year, thousands of students in multiple industries pou Continue Reading

Open For Guest Posters 

Do you have a marketing or art story to share? Do you think your business experience would make a great story for The Art of Marketing? If so,  we are interested in guest proposals for the following types of content: Vlogs – embed your story, tips, or tutorial in a post. Blogs – write a… Continue Reading

Experiment #1 – Leads from Twitter

When you are planning content marketing, understanding where your market interacts online is one of your first goals. Do they hang out on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram? Sometimes the only way to get an accurate portrayal of this is to try out different publishing platforms, and for this reason, I am planning a month… Continue Reading

How Do You Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader Through Content Marketing?

Other than blogging, I can’t think of any other ways to establish myself as an [industry]thought leader through content marketing. If you could give me some ideas on ways that I can really brand myself through my content that would be great. I think my biggest issue is not knowing where to begin. I know… Continue Reading

Can You Afford Marketing?

Practice makes perfect, or so I learned from a nice young age: see the picture below. How can we afford to learn marketing and practice it? This is a key question I bring to each of my clients and The Writer’s Cue. As business owners, practice is scary because it requires time and often money. Dealing… Continue Reading


The Writer’s Cue is for businesses who need writing and for writers who need business.

This is a place to come and learn what it takes to get your content found online and what it takes to get your writing into the hands of business people. Although it may seem like I am doing too much with The Writer’s Cue, I believe that if I forge the way, I need to leave a trail for those who follow after.

So welcome to the site.

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