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Learning, Re-Learning and Re-Starting

September is half over. This month has been a roller coaster of ups and downs; how do I pick myself up after more than a week away from this blog?

I wanted to do the post-a-day challenge, but I didn’t. I wanted to do list-building challenges, but I didn’t. We had planned for a trip to the beach on Monday that did not go as planned. I am now working on a Saturday because of financial reasons…


September is half over. I have learned and experienced so much this month. While going on our trip to the beach, my wife and I experienced the wonderful love and grace of God and family helping us out through some unplanned expenses.

I have learned more about using a service mindset to close marketing accounts. I have seen my views on this website respond directly to the work I put into it, and that validates me as a writer and marketer.

I have landed 3 new tutoring students this month and just closed out my tutoring schedule!

This is my wife:

Reason to Be Grateful
Reason to Be Grateful

She is dancing again after 5 years of consistent physical therapy, chiropractic, and deep-tissue massage (And blogging). She got a call-back about teaching in a local studio this month. Amazing.

I am so blessed, the only reason I feel like I cannot continue this site is because I fell behind on some lists. I fell behind because I was:

  • Preparing a proposal for an inbound marketing customer.
  • Finishing first edits of a book for a customer.
  • Taking time with my family.
  • Learning additional things this business needs.
  • Finishing an amazing study on Joy with my wife and our Pastors.
  • Spending time each day meeting with my beautiful children.

I am grateful and appreciative of the life that God has called me into, and I look forward to helping more of you start and market your own business. I look forward to helping you write engaging content and learn how to grow as a content creator.

Leave me a note on how you have been blessed this week?

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The Writer’s Cue is for businesses who need writing and for writers who need business.

This is a place to come and learn what it takes to get your content found online and what it takes to get your writing into the hands of business people. Although it may seem like I am doing too much with The Writer’s Cue, I believe that if I forge the way, I need to leave a trail for those who follow after.

So welcome to the site.

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