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5 Ways To Use WordPress To Grow Your Tribe

Every business owner online needs to build a tribe of dedicated fans in order to succeed. This is part of the marketing funnel: the more dedicated people are following your business, the more chances you have to convert them into customers. The following are 5 ways that a great business owner can use WordPress to grow their fans in both numbers and engagement.

The WordPress Reader

Follow Other WordPress Blogs
Follow Other WordPress Blogs

Did you know WordPress has its own social network for following blogs, searching for writing topics, and communicating with other bloggers? Even if you have an independent WordPress site (WordPress hosted sites perform really well on the reader), you can use the reader as a part of your networking by installing the Jetpack plugin and creating a WordPress.org account from there.

Integrated Social Sharing Buttons

I use SumoMe for my sharing buttons. You can use the Jetpack plugin I mentioned earlier, or a huge variety of plugins, HTML templates or other systems to embed sharing buttons in your site. It is so easy, and it creates an opportunity for you to network on other sites, besides your own.

Using Comments Well

For the length of my 30-day challenge, I am keeping WordPress comments activated, but I am considering using a different comment management system (Disqus or Facebook) to help streamline my management. Whatever you use, comments are a great location to build rapport with your tribe and provide value to them.

Other Blog Rolls

There are many social networks designed and tailored to sharing blogs. Pinterest is one of the most common, but there are others that are focused on networking, like BlogLovin.

Save Time Blogging

There are more powerful, more intuitive, more user-friendly products on the market for managing a website. Sometimes you need to use them over WordPress, but for blogging, there is no better product. This is where WordPress shines and why WordPress is the leading CMS on the internet.

So, if you are looking to build a tribe of fans who you serve with your content, products, and services, use WordPress to manage your blogging and networking. What other ways do you use WordPress to build a tribe?

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