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4 Content Habits To Develop To Improve Your Sales

The art of marketing forms good habits by practice, practice, and more practice. While many non-creative or want-to-be creatives think that improvisation requires acting according to how you feel, a good artist knows that any art takes focus, it takes discipline, and it takes the habit of practice.

The following are ways that you can increase your habit of practicing marketing and develop life-long skills of successful content marketing.

Practice Talking With Your Audience 

Have you identified your target market yet? In inbound methodology, they are called the buyer persona, in other marketing circles they are called avatars.

I call my customer personas M, B, and D, after specific customers of mine who shall go unnamed. If like me, you are too imaginative to create non-real personas or avatars to define who your target market is, or not imaginative enough, it helps to look at your customers and see if they follow a pattern.

You cannot know who they are and what their needs are unless you actually sit down with them and ask them how their business is going. Listen to them.

If you target consumers with your marketing, find consumers who love your product and sit down with them. Ask questions about them, about their needs and how your product or service helped them.

Practice Writing

Writing is a skill that takes practice.

Editing takes practice.

Creating an idea for a piece of content takes practice.

I have written and published over 700 blogs on over 100 platforms, as well as newsletters, brochures, web pages, legal forms, and books. Writing takes practice. Here are some ideas for content practice:

  • Rewrite words you misspell 10 times. I was made to do this in high school and I do it still if I contantly find myself stuck on a spelling mistake. Spelling takes time: save yourself by spelling right the first time.
  • Buy Easy Grammar Grade 8: 180 Daily Teaching Lessons and go through the lessons. I just finished teaching some students through that book and it improved my grammar.
  • Write often about many different topics. A violinist who cannot improvise a fiddlist who cannot read music, and a ballerina who cannot dance jazz are all lacking in their artistic abilities. You do not have to be great at many writing styles, but you should understand them.

Practice Sharing Your Writing

Sharing writing can be as difficult as writing it in the first place. That is why the reward for Young Authors is to have them listen to a professional author read her work. We learn best by teaching others, and in writing, you cannot teach if you do not share.

Practice sharing on social media.

Practice sharing on a blog.

Practice talking to your wife, children, of if you are very introverted, a friendly dog, about your writing.

Practice Research

Content marketing requires research. Lots of research. I read blogs, I read news articles, I read books. If you want to be able to market your business, you need to research your business, your industry, your competitors, and general market trends.

Sign up for a basic history course at a local community college, and practice research papers.

Research Shakespearean sonnets and try and write an original piece in the style of Shakespeare.

These exercises will help you find your voice as an author and as a marketer.

Hire Another Artist

And finally, if you do not have time to practice and develop your skills as a content marketer, that is great, too!

I can do that.
Please contact me to find out if my practice can help your business succeed!

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on some of the product/service links, I will earn a referral fee. 


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