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Experiment #1 – Leads from Twitter

When you are planning content marketing, understanding where your market interacts online is one of your first goals. Do they hang out on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram?

Sometimes the only way to get an accurate portrayal of this is to try out different publishing platforms, and for this reason, I am planning a month away from my Facebook business prospecting so that I can focus on Twitter and see whether the leads increase or decrease.

More information shall be forthcoming.

Starting Stats: 529 Tweets, Following 205, 198 Followers

No measurable traffic coming to www.thewriterscue.com from Twitter.


The Writer’s Cue is for businesses who need writing and for writers who need business.

This is a place to come and learn what it takes to get your content found online and what it takes to get your writing into the hands of business people. Although it may seem like I am doing too much with The Writer’s Cue, I believe that if I forge the way, I need to leave a trail for those who follow after.

So welcome to the site.

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