3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need More Sleep 

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So, you’re starting your business, and you think that successful people work a minimum of 80 hours a week until they have it made.

Sleep? I’ll sleep when I’m dead, you say.

Not so fast. I could give you research that shows people stop working efficiently after 55 hours of work, I could show studies that link proper sleep to less stress and increased success,  but I would rather give you my reasons, and I think they will apply to you, too.

  1. Tired People Are Grumps – I was reminded of this tonight while putting the beautiful friends above to sleep. With my wife’s school schedule, my business, and sleeping changes with a new bed, I have not gotten enough sleep, and it showed. If you do a business that needs customers (that’s allof them), then you should avoid both being too tired and too hungry. People don’t like you when you’re grumpy.
  2. Do Your Best – My first time taking the SAT in high school, I got a score 120 points below where I expected it, because I had only slept 4 hours the night before. Did it again with a good night’s sleep, got the score I was looking for. The difference between a world record performance and every one else is often a fraction of performance. Don’t let your addiction to action and lack of sleep keep you from being a world change.
  3. Why Are You An Entrepreneur? I have never ran into a human being who says “I want a job working all hours of the day for little pay.” People start businesses because they want freedom from that rat race,  not  to perpetuate it.

Now, I understand that sometimes a business is like a newborn,  it keeps you up all night. But, just like our children, the business needs to grow up a little and sleep in its own room.

So you can rest to be your best.


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2 Responses to 3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need More Sleep 

  1. Very true. We’ve all understand that the brain is a muscle that needs exercise: however, when we are busy or stressed we tend to forget that muscles need downtime in order to repair itself. The best form of brain “downtime” is sleep. In addition I often find that I am really creative whilst I sleep, as long as I’ve had enough sleep to being with. I wake up in the morning with the solution to a problem that has been nagging at me, or I’ve had a flash of inspiration during the night that seems to have come out of nowhere.

    • Paul Davis

      Thanks for commenting. It’s so true that we need to recover from our daily work. I was just reminded reading your comment about all the muscles we use to do business. Brain, eyes, heart come to mind

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