3 Different Places to Share Your Blog

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Customers, friends, and fans are always asking me how to drive traffic to increase blog views, and I love coming up with unique solutions that don’t involve paying advertisement money. Some people like to use money for traffic at first, but I have thrown away good money after bad enough online to know that you need a solid following and an understanding of your blog’s conversion before you drive traffic with paid ads.

share your blog

Get Heard in the Noise

That said, here are 4 quick places I am using to drive traffic to my blog.

  1. Local Facebook Groups – Many people use Facebook groups, but do you use ones that are focused on your location. I am part of many local groups that are smaller, but have great results when I share relevant content with them.
  2. Bloglovin – This is a fun reader that creates a social network around blogs. You can upload your blog there and you can Follow my blog with Bloglovin.
  3. Comment Sections – I know, links in comments are usually no-follow so they don’t help with SEO, but newsflash: comments on other people’s sites are written to other people. Go figure. If your comment is meaningful and relevant to their post, they and their readers will likely check you out. The WordPress dashboard is currently my #3 referrer after Facebook and search engines and ahead of #4, LinkedIn.

These are some ways I draw traffic. What are your favorite online tools for increasing blog views?

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