5 Tips for Writing A Blog A Day

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I am on my second month of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge. I have not met 30 posts in 30 days for this post yet.

While it is difficult to regularly post content (one of my clients thought one post a week was too much), it takes dedicated practice to become great at anything.

Today, I am becoming a great blogger. You can, too.

It takes practice.

It takes a learning mindset.

It takes research and a willingness to change your plans.

It takes planning and goal setting.

It takes the right tools to leverage your time.


“Practice makes perfect” is a common proverb that any musician has hated at one point in their life or another. While it may frustrate you, the truth of the matter is, writing takes practice.

You need to practice your speed, your accuracy, and your thought processes. You need to practice creating content that other people interact with, and hone that down for specific interactions. Do you want comments on your site? Links from other sites? Social shares?

You have to practice writing content, and you have to practice targeting that content for specific actions. I have published 33 posts on this site alone, and I am just starting to learn what type of content gets shares and comments. I have not learned what gets email list subscribers, quite yet.

Learning Mindset

Writing content that engages people requires that you evaluate and change your activities based upon multiple issues. A learning mindset always seeks to find out who are the leaders in your industry and what are they doing to succeed. This mindset uses practice to change the way you think, write, and market your business.

A learning mindset requires three things: increasing the people you know, the content you read, and the analytics you collect. For blogging, this means that you need to be reading people in your industry, meeting them, listening to their podcasts. You need to regularly read longer books on your industry, as well as blog posts like this one.

For some more great reads on writing, read Sarah Arrow, Niel Patel, or this post from my hosting platform, DreamHost.

Willingness to Change

I had all of my September posts planned out on Trello before the month started, but the beginning of the month was so busy that I missed out on over a week worth of posts. My biggest change that I have to face on a daily basis is the reality that things are never going to go as well as I hoped.

What is your biggest issue that you constantly find yourself relearning?

Planning and Goal Setting

This is an important part of blogging. If you have a plan, you know what to write when you hit writers’ block.

A content plan is also the first step towards outsourcing your writing, when you need to do so. A plan is necessary to manage your SEO goals, to streamline your website for SEM marketing, and to create sales funnels that convert.

The Right Tools

I am currently using Buffer, Adobe Creative Cloud, Trello, Workflowy, Microsoft Office, and Keyword Keg for my marketing systems. I use these tools to build a plan, to monitor content, to format my content for readers.

What are some of the tools you use to manage your content?



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2 Responses to 5 Tips for Writing A Blog A Day

  1. Thanks for sharing your insights Paul. Writing and publishing daily does take a bit of discipline, but you’re a writer; you know this. I’m a night person, so I can’t write much during the day. I know that goes against all the wisdom out there, but I’m not fully human until the sun comes up ;), that’s probably my biggest challenge when it comes to writing – not being able to write in the conventional manner…

    • Paul Davis

      Thanks, Sarrah! I truly appreciate the work and leadership you put into helping other bloggers think through their writing. I usually write during normal 9-5 hours in a coworking office so that I can be at home with my kids and wife when I am at home.
      I totally get the night writing, though. When I do work at home, night-time is the only time I can write, too.

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