7 Business And Personal Challenges: A Practical Look At Self-Improvement

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Yesterday, I blogged about the types of challenges a business owner can do to improve their personal and business skills. Today, I want to expand on the specific examples I have done in the past few years.

People I Am Thankful For

Thankfulness Challenge  – This is a challenge my wife and I have been doing for several weeks now, and it really helps us connect together and overcome the various stresses involved with starting a business, going to grad school, raising two small children, and moving to a city 2500 miles from home with no family members nearby. We just take time to tell each other something we appreciate and are thankful for in the other person before we start talking about other issues.

Book Challenge – I mentioned this yesterday, but wanted to add that I am tracking books on my challenge list in a paper notebook. I cannot put a book on the challenge twice, I record approximately when I start and when I finish the book (striking any from the record that I decide I won’t finish), and at least half of them must be books that I have never read before. I include any book that I have read apart from children’s books that can be read in one sitting (so Little House in The Big Woods was on the list, but Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom was not.

Love Letter Challenge – This is a challenge I did years ago, when I was courting my wife. I made it a challenge to write a letter to her each and every day. Some of them I saved until our honeymoon, others I gave to her at opportune times. After marriage, we read The Five Love Languages, and I learned my wife’s favorite love language was gifts. That lead to the next challenge.

A Gift A Day For One Whole Semester – This was a fun challenge I did two years ago. It had a goal (a gift a day) and a timeframe (one semester at college). Because we were poorer than church mice at the time, I had to get creative with the gifts I gave her. Every gift was accompanied by a letter (sometimes the letter was the gift), but it really made me stretch and brought my wife and I through some tough times.

30 Day List Building Challenge – I want to include this challenge from yesterday because it is one of the challenges on this blog that I did not fulfill, yet. Although I can go back and redo the challenge, I did not have enough of a product or market in mind to complete it at the time. When you commit to a challenge, take time to ensure that you are able to fulfill its prerequisites before you commit.

30 Day Blogging Challenge – And this, the challenge that prompted me to write a follow-up post to yesterday’s and schedule it forward a day (I am actually writing this within 5 minutes after finishing the last one). A challenge may stretch me, but it cannot take the place of other, more important commitments, like to my God, my family, or my customers.

What challenges have you done in your business or personal life? How have they worked out? Please leave a comment below.


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  1. My greatest challenge has been dealing with chronic pain without pain medications! I am learning non-western treatment options. I don’t like taking medications and don’t want to become dependent. This has also become a mental challenge as well. I have been challenging myself to change my thinking about pain. I’m approaching pain as a description, not a definition. And of course, I am also enjoying this 30-day blogging challenge.

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