8 Simple WordPress Tips To Manage Your Blog

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Schedule Posts  – When it comes to creating content, there are days where you are in the zone and you are able to dive right in and create superfluous amounts of content. There are other times that you need to produce content while spending a period of time away from your computer. If you did not know this already, you can choose when you want to post a product by clicking on the “Edit” hyperlink next to immediately in the image below. Select the date and time you want the item to post and click OK. The “Publish” button changes to “Schedule.” Click it as you would a normal post.

Schedule a Post

Jetpack – Jetpack is a WorPress supported plugin that actually contains many smaller pieces of functionality that are essential to building a WordPress site. I have labelled the ones I prefer using below. They are site statistics, multi-site management, enhanced distribution, and site security. These are important to me because I love statistics, I have multiple WordPress sites that I want to be able to admin without constant logging in and out, I have discovered that WordPress Reader is its own social platform, and my own capabilities to secure a website are next to nothing.


Jetpack ‹ The Writers Cue — WordPress

SumoMe – SumoMe is a tool for sharing content, analyzing site behavior and managing pop-ups. And there is a pretty comprehensive free platform.

Awesome ScreenShot – I discovered similar tools when writing 15 Best Tools for Blogging for Blogmutt, although this one did not make the cut for that post. Awesome ScreenShot has since been a tool I have to use for getting images off of my computer and adding text, highlights, or other instructional add-ons. I added it in this post because it was the tool I used to create the above images. The Microsoft Snipping Tool found in Accessories on any Windows Machine is also a nice tool for capturing images on your desktop, but it does not have quite the ease of functionality or app integrations that Awesome Screenshot does.

Facebook Challenges – I know, Facebook Challenges does not seem like a WordPress tool, hear me out. This post is part of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge hosted by Sarah and Kevin Arrow. This challenge integrates Facebook community with a daily blogging reminder and tip for creating a blog every day.

Challenge Growth

As you can see, I did not publicize The Writer’s Cue until I started this challenge. But, within a few days of the challenge, I have grown from zero views to over 100 total and am well on my way to my monthly goal of 10,000 views. All without adds. There are many Facebook challenges available. Find one, join it, and commit to doing it and interacting with other challenge members.

Google Analytics, What Would Seth Godin Do, and Neil Patel -Neil Patel is a marketer that I have commented on in other posts on The Writer’s Cue, and the post I linked to was in my inbox as I was writing this. He gives an additional 11 Plugins that you can use on your WordPress site, and I learned some additional information on Google Analytics and also a really awesome named PlugIn (WWSGD) that I am excited to try out.

What are your favorite WordPress strategies and tools?





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  1. I really enjoyed reading your recommendations. I’m so new to blogging that all of this is new to me. I appreciate your very informative posts! Keep up the good work!

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