A Weekly Round-Up of Posts for Business and Freelance Writers

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After 9 days of daily blogging, here are a few of the posts that my readers and I enjoy.

It is late on a Wednesday, so I am going to keep this post short and to the point, so that you and I can both go home and focus on our family, or if you are of the single persuasion, go spend Wednesday night with some friends. It’s hump day, best get over it.

7 Great Marketing Tools – In this post, I list a few of the marketing tools that I use and enjoy to grow my various businesses.

Inspirational Post – I wrote this post because I felt overwhelmed with the task I had set for myself that day. Apparently, it was inspiring enough to be my most commented post. Dear reader, your interest got this post on my weekly roundup.

Inspirational Movies – Although this post was nominally about embedding YouTube in a WordPress post, that is so easy that I just enjoyed finding my all-time favorite speeches and putting them in a post. Enjoy.

A Comparison of Legacy vs Inbound Sales – This is a post that I wrote before I started my 30 Day Blogging Challenge, but the two experience of different types of sales was so inspirational I want to share it with you in my roundup.

That’s it for this 3rd week of August! I hope you enjoy some great posts, go home, hug a friend or family member, and pop open a nice cold drink. The week is half-way over, enjoy!

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