Paul Davis Solutions provides the best marketing, content and information services through continual improvement and learning and a passionate culture dedicated to growing our clients’ businesses.

The Writer’s Cue is an information service site of Paul Davis solutions that provides information on marketing to small business owners as well as opportunities to partner with Paul Davis Solutions so that our clients can focus on their business while we focus on their marketing.

Meet Our Team

Nathanael Paul Davis: Founder, Owner, and CEO.

Paul Davis started Paul Davis Solutions in 2012 as a part time marketing firm that came out of a joint publishing venture with Debra K. Hargrave, where they published the book Heather’s Tears. 

After realizing that his talent and passion met in helping small businesses grow, Paul Davis began the long process of building a successful marketing agency. After 4 years part-time work, Paul was blessed to be able to start working on PDS full-time in the summer of 2016.

Paul loves his wife and children, the Triune God of Christianity, playing violin, playing minecraft, reading more books than he can count, and helping his customers reach their goals.

People in his co-working space often comment on the speed of his typing, including a recent comment that “Paul sounds like Seattle Slew on the keyboard.”

Rachel Lee Davis happens to be married to N Paul Davis, and they have 2 beautiful children. In between work as a dancer and choreographer, building FRAME full-time homeschooling the preschoolers, and taking studies at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Rachel helps Paul with social and website marketing as well as proofing some design and text work, when she has time.


Rachel loves travel, dance, Nathanael Paul Davis, their beautiful children, theology with a strong cup of coffee, healthy living, and teaching.


Mission and Vision

The mission of Paul Davis Solutions is to build self-governing, profitable communities of learning where people are cared for and served, and TRUTH is sought above all.

PDS fulfills this mission by providing marketing help and instructions to persons, organizations, and businesses whose core values and product offerings match with PDS’s core values.

The vision for PDS is to help 10,000 businesses in the Carolinas and the Rocky Mountain area in the next 5 years.

Partnering with Paul Davis Solutions

I am always interested in hearing a new proposal and finding out if Paul Davis Solutions is a good fit with your business. Whether you just want help figuring out a WordPress site, need a full-service marketing package, or are interested in a joint venture, please feel free to reach out. Paul Davis Solutions is only a call (208-562-7726). a Facebook message, or an email away.