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If you have not seen Paul Davis Solutions active recently, the reason is simple: I have been writing content on multiple platforms for different customers. For example, FrameMaker Arts is a new site that Paul Davis Solutions manages content and website technology for:

Building FrameMaker Arts through content writing

Some other projects include helping with marketing planning for Greater St. Louis Parks, the creation of a website to help veterans get home loans (USA Veteran Loans), continuing to write content for Aletheia Christian College, and building a website for Pastor Randy Davis. These projects are incredible opportunities to continue growing my business as a marketing firm, and expanding my capabilities as a content marketer.

Places to Follow My Content Writing

While you can watch these different projects on their own basis, and I highly recommend it if you are interested in any of them, you can follow the lessons learned from building these and other projects here at The Writer’s Cue, at My Blogging Community, my free Facebook community, or by following Paul Davis Solutions on Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks, and Have a Happy Independence Day if you happen to be an American.



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