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Creative Marketing Incorporates Sales, and Vice-Versa

I first heard the term Smarketing a few years ago and I hoped it didn’t stick.

Apparently it did.


Smarketer, Shmarketer!

Smarketing is supposed to be the combination of sales and marketing, but in a holistic, artistic sense, you can never have marketing in isolation from sales.

The Art of Marketing is about building a relationship.

Marketing focuses on getting a potential customer to interact with your brand, with your product, with your service. This means that marketing looks at the general trends in buyer behaviors, the processes by which companies build brand identity in the public’s mind, how we gain exposure, and other aspects covering the entire range of delivering a product or service to market.

Sales is the process by which you perform the final steps of marketing, before you begin the cycle over again.

Sales: a linear part of the Marketing cycle. 

Marketing looks at the entire process of curating customers and turning them into brand advocates, whereas sales looks at the specific process to help a customer make a decision to purchase. Because of that, sales is a linear process involving the approach, the qualification, presentation and answering objections, and finally the close.

Marketing is, according to the Inbound Methodology, the process where you attract, convert, close, and delight customers. What this looks like in real life is your marketing is constantly building on previous contacts: preparing leads for a sale, preparing previous customers for an upsell, and better serving current customers.

Marketing and Sales

When you do your marketing, you need to think about your sales process. Just getting information, advertisements, and product out to market does not do anything for your business if you do not perform that crucial third step of the marketing cycle.

When you close clients, they make a decision to buy from you, to purchase from you, to trust you.

This is a key moment, and the marketing artist understands and incorporates service-minded sales in their marketing processes.

How do you use sales in your marketing?



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Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

Whether you call them ideal customer or buyer personas, as a writer, you have companies that you really resonate with. For me, the companies I resonate the most with are those who are looking to grow significantly and need someone who is willing to wear many hats to help them grow.

My ideal customer demographics include some or all of the following points:

  • SMBs – Some people work well with the marketing and issues that large businesses face, I don’t. I love to help small businesses think through their content creation, customer service, and sales as an integrated process. My ideal business is owned by one person or a small group of people, and this business has limited numbers of employees where I can hop on in whatever capacity they need.
  • Specialists – My ideal client is doing something else with their time. Operating online stores, teaching students, selling and managing complex technical packages, all of these activities take my ideal client’s focus off of their marketing. And that is just the way I like it. I want to be able to come alongside clients and give them a service that they do not have time to do while I get to learn about their business, their industry, and their clients. It’s a win for them, and it’s a win for me because I love learning.
  • Sales Professionals – I have sold books door-to-door in Flint, MI. I have sold Yellowbook as book #5 in Jackson Hole, WY. I have sold advertising packages throughout southern Idaho. I also sold pizzas door-to-door and via phone (Delivery drivers are sales people, don’t ya’ know?). I get sales professionals and I build rapport with them quickly. When I am looking for an into a business, it helps to talk t0 the employees who are responsible for closing sales, because content marketing makes their job easier.
  • Personal Connections – My leads have increased exponentially by working in a coworking spot – because I meet and regularly interact with people who are my ideal clients (salespeople, specialists, and small business owners/employees). I make personal connections and increase my customers.
  • English Speakers – Mi Español es no muy malo, tambien. But, I am experienced with writing in English, to English speakers.

These are some of the characteristics that help me decide who I am targeting in my content creation and marketing, and how I work at converting them.

What are the characteristics of the people you do your business for? Do you work with one gender, language group, or nationality? Do you write more than one language fluently? Do you love to talk about fashion but dislike technical writing? All of these questions will help you find a customer who needs your writing.


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Why You Should Never Close Another Sale


Preparing for Door-To-Door Success!

Preparing for Door-To-Door Success!

Knock, Knock.

Knock, Knock.

Ring-a-ding. Ring-a-ding.


“Hi, are you the mom of the house?”

“Yeah, wait what’s this about?”

“Ok, great. My name is _____ and I am the student who is in the area helping parents plan their student’s educational success.”

…15 Minutes Later…

“OK. If you just sign here, I’ll get your order in process and be back to deliver your books in a few weeks.”

“Wait, what about______?”

“I totally understand how you feel, ________ down the street felt the same way, but after she realized that these books are __________, she was able to make a decision to purchase that same day. I am trying to meet with all the families in the area, so I do not have the time to keep coming back. So, if you will just sign here…”

I hand her the pen. She signs. It’s a good day.

Every year, thousands of students in multiple industries pou Continue reading

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