Goal Review: How We Define Success

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I was asked this last week: “As a business owner, do you set and keep hours, or do you hustle all day, every day? ”

This question has often haunted me. In 2005, I sold books with Southwestern Advantage in Flint, MI. We started selling before nine a.m. and finished after nine p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and on Sunday we went to training and team meetings. It was an exhausting hustle, but exhilarating.

I didn’t make it through the summer.

Fast forward seven years to 2012. It’s summer again, and my new job requires travelling 7 months away from home.  I would have to leave my newborn son and my wife at our new house,  20 miles away from the nearest family.

I quit. I have not held a 9- 5 since.

Another five years down the road, I’m building a successful business and trying to keep these lessons in mind as I set goals and help others set goals for tree business.

Work is important. 

Family is more important. 

Rest and worship is more important still. 

Prioritizing goals is essential to great business building, and the highest priority goals should not be business.

Family,  spirituality, faith, worship, self-care, learning, and rest are some of the areas in our lives that should receive priority. This should be reflected in our schedules.

For example,  my schedule includes regular nights at home doing dinner and bedtime so my wife can study and dance. I try to avoid social media from Friday evening to Saturday evening so that I have uninterrupted family time and tune to pray and rest.

It would be much easier to commit solely to the business, but the harder goal is to be more than a successful businessperson.

So,  today I define success that I am sitting in a room, writing on my phone, keeping the scary things away for the two beautiful children playing in the photo above.

And now I publish this so I can play outside.

What non-business related goals are you crushing this week?

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  1. Diane Davis

    You will never regret setting those goals. Many people focus solely on monetary gain, and end up lonely, rich old people.

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