Hello world!

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Without any advertising on my part, my site has been found by 7 robots. And my mother in law.

Thus begins an epic first post.

Hello World, and Welcome to The Writer’s Cue!

I have been teaching, writing, and editing through online marketing for the past 3 years, part time, earning a whopping $12,000 in that time!

I know it’s not millions, but hey, we’ve all got to start somewhere, right?

This is a site for businesses looking for writers, and writers looking for businesses. This is a site where I will try to show you the wisdom I learn from the trenches of building online businesses and help you along the way.

I hope to provide valuable information and services for people looking to learn content marketing, to learn to build an online business from scratch, and to learn better writing. I also plan on providing writing and editing services, tips, and information for businesses who want to make better inbound campaigns, increase their content quality and quantity, and showcase their brand to the world.

Before we begin, here are some basics:

  • Nothing In My Life Is Apart From God – I am a Christian first, everything else last. And by Christian, I mean that I follow someone who gave up the ultimate success to become the greatest failure and servant of all. This will color everything I do and taking things to the Lord is one of my first steps for any decision-making process.
  • He Who Would Be The Greatest Among You Shall Be Your Servant – Zig Ziglar rephrased Jesus’ quote as “You can get anything you want in the world if you help enough people get what they want.” First and foremost, my business is about helping others.
  • The Laborer Deserves His Wages – The principle of keeping the fruit of your labor (intellectual, spiritual, physical labor) are essential parts to a functioning economy and to building a great business.
  • Thou Shalt Not Steal – Really deep stuff here. Stealing is bad. I think a great economy is one where people enter into voluntary agreements in exchange for labor and/or capital and as long as no stealing is involved, it is good.
  • Great Writing Is Creative – You thought I was going to use another scripture, didn’t you?
  • Great Writing Is Fun – Not all my writing is as informal as this, but that is because it serves a different purpose. The purpose behind the writing informs the style I use, but it is still fun.

That’s all on my introduction for now,

Come back later to see what else is new.

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