How To Use Trello For Planning Blog Posts

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Writing is difficult. Writing multiple posts a day is even more so. That is the primary reason I use Trello for planning my posts and organizing content, marketing plans, and more.

Whiteboard for Agile

Trello is an app made for Agile process management. In software development, there are two main philosophies of development: waterfall and Agile. Waterfall process management gives each person on the team one task to do and the development flows from one station to the next.

As each designer is done their section of the program, they send it on to engineers, engineers to coders, coder to testers, and so on. Once the entire software is developed, it is released to the world. Agile, on the other hand, has a team of people who are experts in various areas but work on an entire section of code together. This requires intense levels of communication and planning so that the software can be developed without hangups and so that team members know what they are doing each and every day.

This communication process requires whiteboarding of each day’s task, as well as weekly and monthly goals. When you are managing a team with remote workers, it can be very difficult to communicate who does what, when over long distances. That was why the Trello team built their app. Trello gives people the tools to manage tasks and planning as effective as a whiteboard, without having to physically be in one place.

Trello for Freelancers

While Trello is designed for teams, a single writer can use it incredibly well. I would guess that a solo writing act needs the organizational tools of Trello even more than a team does. With a team, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, which means that eventually the job will be done. When you are working alone, you can always find some new shiny thing that needs doing, and never get to the jobs that bring in an income.

A freelancer and solo writer has to always do two things, and do them well. We have to provide quality writing to our current customers, and we have to be working on marketing, networking and sales to be getting new customers. Even if you never plan on growing beyond your own writing abilities, you need to be marketing because current writing projects end.

That’s where Trello comes in. It gives me and you the tools necessary to plan our business activities. I use Trello for planning out my daily activities, my weekly and monthly writing schedules for various customers, as well as specific projects I am working on.

Using Trello to Plan a Post A Day

Trello uses “Lists” to organize a single task, time period, or other grouping of activities. For planning my monthly posts, I created 4 Boards – One for each week of the month. Their next level of organization are cards. These are the activity or task level organizing tools. I created one card for each post I was planning. Seven cards per list, 4 lists per Board, planning out one month of posts.

I also created one list for post topics that got bumped as I was planning and changing things day-to-day. Some days news, comments, requests, or other actions gave me ideas that needed to be written about that day. So I could keep ideas in the queue for later, even if I did not want to use them in my thirty days of posts.

That is how I use Trello to plan my blog posts. What organizational tools do you use to build your content writing schedule?

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