Introducing A Week of Business-Focused Posts

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This post was supposed to be written last week and scheduled to publish yesterday… Oh well. Life has a way of passing us by.

In my 30 day blogging challenge, I want to take time to focus on the two groups of people who I can help the most with The Writer’s Cue: small business owners who need help with standing out from the crowd, and freelance bloggers/writers who want to increase their income and earning.

Last week was written by me, for me, mostly. Which means that it was geared more towards freelance writers. And while a freelance writer is building their own business, the small business owners I want to reach out to this week are those who have a passion for service and products outside the world of internet content and marketing.

This buyer’s persona is someone who had a great idea and acted on it but is finding it hard to prove their product and service to a crowded marketplace. They may be running a non-profit in their spare time, they may be juggling multiple businesses. They are invested in their community, committed to their family, and face certain risk in their business with regularity.

For this individual, I want to focus posts this week on motivation, inspiration, and education in creating educational and valuable marketing plans for their potential customers. So, if you are a business owner, or just interested in running small businesses, please come back throughout the week, follow my blog, and leave a comment below!


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