5 Reasons Why I Recommend New Writers Start at BlogMutt

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Is Blogmutt A Scam?

Is Blogmutt A Scam?

One of the first things you see when you are researching a new company is the Google suggestions, and most times it is for the simple question: “Is ________ a scam?”

Not only does Google suggest this, but I find that some of my best ranked keywords address that question: Is BlogMutt a scam? Is Mobe a scam?

I would love to say that I think that this is a problem, but there are so many dubious and nefarious sources of income out there, it is difficult to tell the good from the bad.

Although you may not know me from Adam, here are the reasons that I recommend BlogMutt:

Top 5 Reasons I Recommend Writing for BlogMutt

  1. Better Pay – Private writing pays better than Blogmutt, and even some content mills pay better than Blogmutt. But, many of those content mills are not actively seeking writers, and you have to spend significant amounts of time dealing with a dearth of writing, with frustrating editorial rules, and with other quirky systems. At Blogmutt, once you get approved to start writing, the persons you deal with the most will be the customers. I have written for some incredibly picky customers over the years at Blogmutt, but that was by my choice. I needed the income yesterday. Whether you use Blogmutt to plan out vacations or other long budget items or get aggressive and risk rejection by going for short income, a purposeful writer can easily make over $100 a week at Blogmutt. I earn over $12 an hour when I write for them, on average.
  2. A Great Community – The writer’s forum at BlogMutt is a great place to learn tips on writing for the company (or even their competitors). It is also a great community for getting encouragement in your writing career and connecting with a variety of writers from all around the US (Sorry, BlogMutt is currently only open to US writers). The forum itself is worth writing a few posts for BlogMutt.
  3. Great Staff – In the three years I have been a BlogMutt writer, I have heard complaints, but I have nothing to complain about. The staff at BlogMutt work with you to free up your thoughts and schedule to write. I happen to enjoy the process of creating products, marketing my services, and billing and invoicing customers, which is why I am doing more private work now as a writer and a tutor than I am doing on BlogMutt. But, if you do not enjoy all those nitty-gritty businessy things, BlogMutt provides a place where you just write.
  4. Weekly Payment Via PayPal – Every Thursday, weekly posts are automatically purchased. Every Monday, at 5 PM Eastern time (holidays get moved to Tuesday mornings), you get money paid into your PayPal account. I cannot remember the amount of times that I have looked at our budget for the month and said: I need to write more this month, and then I did. And the money came in. Now, there are some issues you need to learn about how long a queue is and how many posts a customer purchases. You also will need to make sure you are writing for customers who are on a weekly plan if scheduling is your big sell, but BlogMutt is definitely one of the more consistent sources of income I have had over the years.
  5. Stock Ownership – Last and definitely not least, BlogMutt has a stock option for writers who write a certain amount for them. I have had two stock certificates made out to me because of my writing for them. How great is that? The stock will only really be worth something when they sell the company, but for those writers who stick around with BlogMutt for a while, you will be rewarded with a bonus when the company sells.

This BlogMutt review gives my top 5 reasons for recommending them to new writers, and no, they are not a scam.

What is your experience with BlogMutt?

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