Is Your Site Ready for Google’s Pop-up Penalties?

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You might have heard about the upcoming changes to ranking a site on Google: popups are out, they say! What is an enterprising list-builder to do?

Do Not Fear

Google likes to award user-friendly sites. Does your site’s popups interfere with a reader’s ability to get a feeling about your site? This is your biggest question to ask. If a user can land on your site and read text before the popup engages, then you should be OK. Also, if you are really nervous about the ability to gather leads from popups, you can follow the advice of Hubspot, which suggests focusing on embedded signup forms and CTAs within great content.

Babies and Bathwater Proverb Here

If you are tempted to just throw out your popups entirely but want a balanced counterpoint to that, then read Sarah and Kevin Arrows’ great examples of poor popups on their blog. They show what a poor user experience is and give tips on how to set your website up well.

Finally, Pop Up Ally Pro, the great WordPress plugin, understands the need to meet your customer’s goals and gives you the opportunity to disable popups or otherwise change them for mobile screens that will be negatively affected by the intrusiveness of a popup.

In Summary

In summary, these are the things you need to remember about your popups:

  • The negative Google response is focused on mobile sites, if your popup or “interstitial” makes it difficult to read your site on a mobile device, this is bad.
  • People need to be able to read your content before receiving a popup. Whether on mobile or desktop, give people a chance to get to know you before you ask for their email address.
  • Whether you are going to keep popups or not, you need to focus on continuing to provide great quality content for your customers and website readers.
  • Go and try out your website on a mobile device right now. If your popup annoys you, delete it.

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