My Business

The Writer’s Cue is designed primarily to help people understand content writing and inbound marketing from lessons learned in the trenches managing marketing campaigns for small businesses. Since Paul Davis is usually busy helping other projects, The Writer’s Cue also serves as the website platform for Paul Davis Marketing and Content Solutions, so check out our service options below. Follow the links for more information on pricing. Before that, here are some writeups on Paul Davis’s marketing services.


Marketing Services

Paul Davis’ marketing services are full-service monthly inbound packages. Each package includes on-site content and SEO (blogs, about pages, etc.) and off-site content (guest blogging, PR releases, etc.) with landing pages, email funnels, and search and social marketing if desired. For more information on Paul Davis Solution’s full-service content and marketing services, see “Outsource My Marketing.”

Business Coaching

Are you interested in starting a content writing business? Do you need help with getting your website set up, thinking through your first product offering, or finding out how to convert traffic into leads and leads into customers?

We should talk. After 10 years starting businesses, I understand the various issues you will face in getting a business off the ground. Marketing, planning, dealing with family and partners, I am here to help you plan your business from the ground up. This is a service for small business startups who want help with getting through the highs and lows of starting a business in the online and social age.

Content Writing Services

Content is the core of Paul Davis Solutions services, business products, and consulting. As such, it is a core service we offer to small businesses, marketing agencies, and individuals. Go to the following link for pricing and information on Content Writing Services.