Holiday Packages for Non-Profits

The holidays are some of the best, and the worst times for fundraising. They are the best, because people are in the mood for spreading love and good cheer. They are the worst because tax season is just around the New Year’s bend, combined with the winter doldrums and recovering from the Christmas spending extravaganza.

Whether you are looking to build momentum to get through to spring, or just need to do your yearly Christmas fundraising special, I can help.

With over 10 years experience in non-profit fundraising, I understand that the story you tell is integral to connecting with donors, volunteers, and those who need your help. In order to give back, I am offering a steal-of-a-deal for non-profits this holiday season.

The packages are as follows:

4 Blogs – $40

This package includes 4 blogs written about your non-profit and delivered via Microsoft Word, email, or PDF. Each blog will contain 300-500 words of content, 1 image, and optimization for 2 keywords.

4 Emails – $40

For non-profits who need to connect with their constituents over this season, there is this package. This package includes 4 300-500 word emails, written with a personal voice, describing stories of importance to your non-profit. Pictures in the emails will need to be provided by the organization.

1 Newsletter -$250 plus printing and shipping if applicable.

This package includes design and content curation for a 2 page newsletter as well as delivery of the newsletter. A newsletter will require significant resources from the non-profit, so please do not purchase this package unless you already have at least 4 stories and 8 pictures that you want to send out through your newsletter. The Writer’s Cue will manage printing and shipping the newsletter at cost for up to 300 recipients. After 300, we will charge a $.10 handling fee per document.

4 Page Website (Home, About, Donors, and Blog) – $150 

This is a simple website for a non-profit. The website will include 4 pages of content (300 words each), 4 stock images if needed (your own images are preferred), 1 Year of Hosting, a .org domain name of your choice (if available), and install of WordPress CMS and a free template.