Inbound Marketing – A Side By Side Comparison

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A little while ago, I had the pleasure of comparing two very different inbound marketing techniques. Both of them were further up the sales funnel, and therefore they both had a pitch with a close. One was a webinar performed by Niel Patel and the other was the IM Freedom workshop at a hotel here in Charlotte.

While both had beneficial information, the fact that I attended them about 14 hours apart gave me a unique viewpoint to compare and contrast the different sales and content creation techniques they used.

Both of these sites were found somewhat by accident on my part. The IM Freedom workshop was advertised on my personal FB newsfeed and I thought, “Wahoo! Networking!” I found Neil Patel doing research for a blog for another company in his niche, and since I am a sucker for learning marketing and content creation, I thought, “Free webinar. Why not?”

Needless to say, several days later, my viewpoint and attitude switched between the two of them. I was able to learn and increase my networking from both a webinar and a conference, go figure!

The IM Freedom Workshop

IM Freedom Workshop

First on the list is the second I attended: the workshop.

I showed up a little late, considering the workshop was 45 minutes from my house, but still was present for 90 minutes of the presentation. During the 90 minutes, I was able to take one piece of information, one platitude, home with me that was valuable for my business.

It was this: “In internet marketing, there is no such thing as creating traffic, only redirecting traffic.”

Besides that one piece of information, there were many platitudes that were passed off as incredible new inspiration and business marketing advice that anyone who has read Dale Carnegie and Napolean Hill will recognize as soundbites from the classic self-help manuals of the 30s, 40s, and 50s.

After the close of the presentation and sales pitch, I collected my free materials and tried hanging out to chat with people,  but the system was so streamlined that I was only able to talk to one other event attendee.

While I was able to learn something and meet someone, it was a large amount of work.

Neil Patel’s WebinarNeil Patel

I sat down to Neil Patel’s webinar as I do to most ngwebinars I attend: with at least 4 tabs open on my browser. While this is standard, there are several times I have sat down to a webinar that grips my attention. This was one of them.

Patel’s webinar has 202 slides (he sends out the presentation to everyone who attends the webinar). Only the first 8 slides were about him and why we should listen to him. The next 113 slides were dedicated to providing information on:

  1. Increase Your Click Through Rate
  2. Competitive Intelligence
  3. Link Building
  4. Lead Magnets

Well over half of his presentation was free information and content. The pace was so fast that the comments were flying into the demonstration re-asking about whether he was going to give a copy of the notes afterwards (I wasn’t the only person multi-tasking, apparently).

When Niel Patel finally introduced the product he was selling at about 2/3rds of the way through the webinar (still an additional 81 slides to go), there was a list of people who were already sold. Why? Because if the webinar was this rich, how much more was the course worth?

I was so interested in watching the pitch that I didn’t even mind the fact that there was no way I could afford that course at the moment. I watched all the way to the end, wishing I could join.

The lessons from the webinar were not over after the GoToMeeting session ended, though. Not only did Niel Patel send out the link to his slide presentation, but after the initial sign up period was over, he offered a one-month trial for $1 to people who were on the fence or could not afford the full course fee at the moment.

I signed up faster than you could say “Yes.” (Well, technically I clicked on the link faster than you could say Yes, the actual signup took a little bit longer).

What did I learn from Niel Patel’s webinar and following interactions?

  1. Providing valuable information is essential for creating a great marketing campaign.
  2. If you provide high enough value, you do not have to put pressure on the close.
  3. If you provide high enough value, additional lead magnets like a $1 trial are much better closing methods than a high-pressure sales tactic like telling people that they must act now.
  4. Follow Up Works

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