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Saturday Gratitude: Charlotte Metro 

I just saw this infographic on why Charlotte is the fastest growing metro area in the United States. 

I’m grateful to have started Paul Davis Solutions here in this time of growth. 


How Do You Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader Through Content Marketing?

Other than blogging, I can’t think of any other ways to establish myself as an [industry]thought leader through content marketing. If you could give me some ideas on ways that I can really brand myself through my content that would be great. I think my biggest issue is not knowing where to begin. I know… Continue Reading

The Fine Art of Getting Fired

I got fired by a client yesterday. To be honest, I need the money, but it was a relief. Why was it a relief? Because I always felt like I was trying to close myself as an adequate writer (this customer had found me on another site and liked my writing there, but still needed… Continue Reading

Example Post: A Sales Rep Recruiting Agency

As a freelance blogger, there are many different topics that I need to cover. This is an example post for a recruiting agency for outside sales reps.  There are several different things to look for when hiring sales reps, especially commission based reps. Businesses looking for great sales reps need to realize that there are… Continue Reading


The Writer’s Cue is for businesses who need writing and for writers who need business.

This is a place to come and learn what it takes to get your content found online and what it takes to get your writing into the hands of business people. Although it may seem like I am doing too much with The Writer’s Cue, I believe that if I forge the way, I need to leave a trail for those who follow after.

So welcome to the site.

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