Saturday Book Review: Webinar Style

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It’s Saturday afternoon, and I have been listening to marketing webinars from several people. I was inspired by the difference between the two webinars. I wanted to give you some tidbits of advice that I learned from these webinars.

Webinar One

First I will review someone whose name I will not give. This marketer had a clear leak and presentation that was all about the sale.

Over the period of an hour, I learned about how he was successful and how he built his list.

Then he told me that I should buy his course to learn what he does,  step by step.  I’m certain this man was as successful as he said, but I neither bought his information, or his pitch. 

Webinar Two

This webinar, by Kevin Arrow of Sark eMedia, was educational and profitable right from the start.

Like many webinar leaders I’ve listened to, Kevin Arrow instructed us to turn off multiple tabs, get some paper and pen, and prepare to listen.But, unlike other webinar hosts, Kevin gave us a reason why.

Make sure you write things down, when you do, you remember.

Basic note taking, but I was refreshed to have an instructor thought and reasoned through his instructions.

Uses of Humour 

Like many content marketers, I tend to enjoy and use statistics. When we are so focused on money and numbers, we forget the power of humor to communicate. I was reminded of this by Kevin’s humorous reference to his competition as being in business for billions of years.

They had millions and millions of pounds and had been around for billions of years.

As a writer and blogger it was a good reminder to use humor as well as reason. 

Leading People Back To The Webinar

And then you have this guy…

I still don’t know who Kevin was talking about, but he mentioned someone that I would have known, if I wasn’t listening instead of watching. This served to bring me back to the slides.

Change Your Attitude

The final point Kevin made that has  stuck with me is that we need to change the focus of our content and marketing. We give until out hurts and focus onthe quality relationships around us. 

Get out of the attitude of sales and into the attitude of selfless service. 

Understanding that we need to serve others is important to become an influencer, as is knowing who is our why. 

Who is the most important person in your life?

It was an interesting and educational webinar, and I’m sad I missed it live. 

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