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Why You Should Avoid Pay-Up-Front Job Listing Sites

You decide to start a business or work for yourself. Immediately thereafter, you realize that you have no idea how you are going to get enough clients to pay your bills every day.

Welcome to the world of working for yourself. It is scary, but millions of people wake up every day and face the same questions; and, face them, they do. You can approach the need for clients as well, and you will often have to pay to get your business in front of them.

I have paid up front for leads from multiple sites and venues. I have also elucidated leads from thin air around me via the hot-sweat inducing practice of cold-calling.

So, why do I tell people to avoid pay-up-front job listing sites?

Avoid Pay-Up-Front Job Listing Sites

First off, let me say what I mean by pay-up-front freelance sites: a pay-up-front site is one that requires you pay them a certain amount of fees before you ever see the leads they will be bringing in. A site that sends you a Black Friday sale saying that they have 8,000 jobs being posted in the next two weeks but you can’t see them unless you pay 6 easy payments of $97 is a pay-up-front site.

Although these sites are often legitimate, anyone who is starting out in this business should never do them.

Why am I so adamant?

Because a newbie is as a newbie does. I think Forrest Gump said something like that…

Free First, Then Pay

There are many great sites that deliver leads to freelancers. These sites have free options to try them out, see potential jobs, and apply. Some, like Bark will require that you pay before you submit the application. Thumbtack used to require that, but now you only pay when someone responds to your application or reaches out to you via your profile.

Other sites I recommend, like Upwork or Freelancer both have a certain number of applications you can do each month for free, but take a certain percentage out of your income when you do land a client. They also have paid subscriptions if you run out of your free applications.

Even though these are often more expensive in the long run, I still recommend that beginning online freelancers start with the free to enter sites.


Because you pay for practice, not for opportunities.

The first time you apply for work, you have no idea what you are looking for.

So you practice. You apply for this, you read that, and you seriously underbid for that.

You get hired doing work that earns you $2 an hour, and it’s not enough.

But, you didn’t pay hundreds of dollars for the lead that landed you this job. So, you don’t try to make the poor client work for you, you walk away.

This is practice. This is worth paying for.

If you have the resources to spend to look for specific leads for a business you understand and have been building, then go ahead, sign up for that job-site that requires you sign up for their business builder’s university first.

If you are just starting out on this freelance journey, don’t pay for sites that don’t let you see the leads first.


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5 Reasons You Should Never Write Another Word on Your Site

  1. You Don’t Really Have The Time -Business owners, managers, and even marketers generally do too much. If you are doing your accounting, serving customers, prospecting customers, managing leads, working on products, training employees, managing an office or storefront, working on your website design, connecting on social media, attempting to have a personal and family life outside of the business, and working on your marketing, why do you think your content will be good? Great content takes significant time to write, especially if you are not as practiced as a professional blogger. If you don’t have the time to write, stop and find someone else.
  2. Your Business Is Dry as Dirt – Have you ever watched Mike Rowe do his dirty jobs series? People love watching him because he takes dirt and makes it interesting. And manure. And toilets. There are many businesses out there that are just hard to market, and that’s OK. Now, you may run a janitorial company and have a great sense of humor and the art of marketing; you are a good fit for writing your own blogs. But, if you really don’t understand how to make the intricacies of your day job pop out for the average reader, relax. There is someone else who would love the opportunity to make your cup of dirt interesting.
  3. You Don’t Read Regularly – Now, I do know that you may be able to replace blogging with podcasting or video publishing, but the written word still drives much of the internet. Not only that, but the most tech savvy young people are reading more than older generations, according to Forbes. If you want to reach search engines or a younger market, you need to have written words on your site. If you don’t read, how do you know what to write for your audience? 
  4. You Don’t Speak The Language – This should go without saying, but I run into blogs all the time by people who either outsource to non-native English speakers or are non-native speakers. While this may work great if you are speaking to people with a similar grasp of the language, you cannot communicate to your audience if you do not speak their language. Tambìen, hablo Español no bueno. Necessito much mas practica por escribar mas de Español en mi blog. If you couldn’t get that, I said (poorly), “Also, I do not speak Spanish well. I need much more practice to write more Spanish on my blog.” See, it goes both ways: if you want to write marketing materials for your business online, learn the language.
  5. You Really Don’t Want To – I don’t know the reasons you may not want to craft your own content that engages, delights, and converts your customers, but you do. If you do not want to write content on your site, stop! There is too much to do in life and business to spend your time

So, if you are a business owner and your blogging efforts are half-hearted or way outside your comfort zone, there is hope for you! For more information on growing your business through content, marketing and more, please click the follow button below!

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What To Write When Life Is Overwhelming

Writers often face the stress of creating content when life feels difficult. For a business marketing writer, this struggle is amplified by the realization that no writing equals no income. In the following post from 2016, I discuss how I write when life is overwhelming. 

I had a great weekend and an amazing Monday. I am increasing personal leads, practicing daily and weekly activities which will grow my business beyond any realistic hope I have had (I was tempted to say beyond my wildest dreams, but my wildest daydreams involve learning that I am the regal heir to a galactic empire who was sent to this backwater planet at birth… #getyourgeekon).

keep writing when life is overwhelming

Back to the point: I hit the inevitable moment when I realize that I am trying to grow too fast, do too much, and am missing out on quality services because of it. The post I had planned for today was a review of 15 different sites for finding content writing leads and gigs online. It will be a great resource, but it was WAY TOO MUCH for a post that is part of a one-a-day commitment.

So it is saved in drafts for a later time, and I am writing a post about the most important thing to do when you are building a business: the next thing.

For me, that is writing a post, even if it isn’t long, or flashy, or the most value-laden post I will ever write. When you commit to a daily activity for your business, do it. Make certain that your commitment has a limit (I am going to write one blog post a day for the next 30 days).

When you hit writers block, or business owner’s block, find out what the next little activity you can do is, and do it.

Today, that meant that I got up and went out to a tutoring meeting. Today, I wrote a post to encourage myself (and hopefully you) to do something meaningful and simple. Today, I am going to write at least one post on Blogmutt.com before I go home.

The solution for writer’s block, for overwhelming busy-ness and for fear is action. So, you should write when life is overwhelming, or podcast, or vlog. What doesn’t matter so much as just getting out of your shell and doing it.

So, I acted now, will you?

(edited April 2017)


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