The Art of Marketing: Staying Ahead of Depression

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Life is difficult, marketing too. Even when marketing gets difficult, it helps to find the good in your life. The Jacobs Brothers with the Life is Good T-Shirt company have a great story to remind us how to get and stay ahead of depression when doing marketing, sales, or just staying alive.

I just saw their story on Inspire More from September, where they talk about how their mother would have the entire family recount something good that happened to them that day.

This attitude of joy and appreciation stayed with them until they were adults and they were able to build a $100 Million t-shirt company. I love their t-shirts and don’t have enough of them, but I am definitely planning on getting more after reading their story.

Taking Time for Joy


One of the best resources for dealing with the difficulty of life and marketing is appreciation and joy. My wife and I try to take time each night with our children to share one thing we appreciate about each other around the dinner table. Besides dinner table appreciation, I also try to take time each day and think about 3 or more things I appreciate about each member of my family, and about my business.

In order for appreciation to be successful, it needs to be true, specific, and current. For example, if I told my wife that I appreciate how much energy she puts into changing our kids diapers, it would not work because it is not current. The two kiddos above have been out of diapers for a long time.

On the other hand, when I post to my personal Facebook page

I appreciate her constant commitment to being a mom. This is all three of the prerequisites above: it is true, specific, and current.

Appreciation in Marketing

Practice is very difficult, and it takes time to remember what you are doing  well and to verbally express it. I appreciate that my business has grown to the point where I have earned more in the last 8 months than I have in all my other business adventures combined. Good things that have happened to my marketing include a lead from LinkedIn bringing in a new client, Facebook business challenges have given me room to grow and expand my business.

So many good things to be grateful for.

When you are looking at the dreary days of practice for marketing your business, take some time to think through the good that has come into your life. Even if you are homeless and broke, what relationships are you grateful for? (My wife and kids, my parents and siblings, and many more were on my list)

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Please leave a note in the comments about things you appreciate in business and life. Let’s take some time to share the joys of building a business, of creating content, of caring for our families, of earning just enough to survive, or whatever brings happiness into your life.


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6 Responses to The Art of Marketing: Staying Ahead of Depression

  1. Appreciation and marketing – great combination!

    I certainly appreciate creating and designing my own thing and solving the challenges. Frustrating at times but what an achievement

  2. Diane Davis

    Being appreciated creates synergy between two people. I appreciate all that you, Paul Davis, have endured, commitments that you have honored, disappointments that you have risen above.

    • Paul Davis

      Thanks. I appreciate all the work that you have done over the years to educate Andrew, Rachel, and I and all the other plethora of students you have brought quality learning to.

      • Diane Davis

        Appreciation is so important for the older generation. It used to be that the elderly were the biggest donors to non-profits, and appreciation led to a response of generosity.

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