Can I Do Any Type of Writing Career?

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Is It Possible to Do Any Type of Writing Career?

Writing as a career can seem to be the height of wealth and fame, or it can seem to be a drudgery. If you are thinking about writing as a career, can you choose what type of writing will you do?

Business Writing

The easiest writing career to get involved in, business content is incredibly diverse. At Paul Davis Solutions, we write on marketing, finances, interior design, home decorating, farming, trucking and logistics, clothes and fashion. Business writing is more valuable now than it has ever been. Yes, video is growing online, but written content still drives search engines. Plus, videos are scripted by writers.

Content for businesses includes blogging, sales copy, whitepapers, websites, brochures and more. Pursue business content creation to easily start an online writing career.

Academic Writing

True academic writing is a great method to build a career and independent income streams. But, academic writing requires that you have academic credentials, usually a doctorate in the field you want to write in. If you are willing to work through the academic process to get higher degrees, there are many careers and businesses related to academic writing: research, thought leadership pieces, and textbooks.


Fiction and non-fiction literature is one of the most enjoyable things people read or write. Because of this, biographies, novels, histories, and even manga are all popular areas writers build a career. Since literature type content is so popular, the door to entry into living-wage levels of writing is much higher.

To start a literature writing career, pick a method of distribution for your content; your career strategy changes depending on this choice. One distribution is the more traditional one which still has the best return if you get published. Plan your novel or other book and send proposals to publishers.

The other distribution method is to publish your content yourself, using content marketing tools to market your writing and selling different access to your writing.

A hybrid is where you use a blog and other content marketing tools to advertise your writing and story-lines and then pitch your writing to a traditional publisher.

Yes, It Is Possible

Finally, a career or business as a writer is available for anyone who wants to put the time and mental energy into figuring out the type of writing they are doing and commit to developing it as a craft.

But, does everyone want to do a writing career? That question is more for each individual to answer on their own.

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