Welcome to the Month of Challenges

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Today I Begin a New Life.

I have been working as an online professional part time for 2 years. In June, I went full-time. It has been a rush; it has been scary; I often feel overwhelmed. These are all statements that any business owner can relate to: you are constantly working to land clients, working to serve clients, working to track your current work. Any rest you get has to be intentional because you constantly feel behind.

Today is a new day and a new month.

Today I begin a new life. I will persist until I succeed. (If you have not read Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in The World, go get it now).

This month, I am going to grow my business, build my mailing list, increase my client list, and grow my business.

As such, I am committing to restart the 30 day blogging challenge, after only completing 18 days last month. I am committing to Nathalie Lussier’s list building challenge as well.

How does someone do all this in one month while still providing value to customers, working on joint ventures, and designing new products?

First. I pray, and I listen.

I am committed to love my family before my work, and I will not try to navigate this complicated month of growth without God’s Spirit guiding my path and helping me love my family while dedicating so much energy to growing this business.

Second. Trello and Workflowy. These apps help me plan out my month, content creation, sales, etc.


Trello Writing Schedule

Trello Writing Schedule

I have planned out my entire month of writing on Trello. I brainstorm on Workflowy. These are the efficiency tools that I use right now.

Third. Have an attitude of learning.

I am learning from the organizers of the challenges. I am learning from other online business owners. I learn from the multiple books I am reading and the close to one hundred sales emails a day that I peruse.

Fourth. Love those around me.

I cannot work without the love of my family, the support of my church, and the networking I have built at my coworking office. When you have to do whatever you can to succeed, the only way to guarantee you are not going to burn out is to take purposeful time out and focus on loving others.

These are my items as I plan an outrageous month of growth and success. What do you do to keep your sanity in business? Leave a comment below.



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3 Responses to Welcome to the Month of Challenges

  1. love this ‘an outrageous month of growth and success’. Go for it!

  2. Sarah Leitschuh

    Good luck with both the blogging challenge and list building challenge! It sounds like you are well prepared to accomplish success in both areas.

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