Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

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Whether you call them ideal customer or buyer personas, as a writer, you have companies that you really resonate with. For me, the companies I resonate the most with are those who are looking to grow significantly and need someone who is willing to wear many hats to help them grow.

My ideal customer demographics include some or all of the following points:

  • SMBs – Some people work well with the marketing and issues that large businesses face, I don’t. I love to help small businesses think through their content creation, customer service, and sales as an integrated process. My ideal business is owned by one person or a small group of people, and this business has limited numbers of employees where I can hop on in whatever capacity they need.
  • Specialists – My ideal client is doing something else with their time. Operating online stores, teaching students, selling and managing complex technical packages, all of these activities take my ideal client’s focus off of their marketing. And that is just the way I like it. I want to be able to come alongside clients and give them a service that they do not have time to do while I get to learn about their business, their industry, and their clients. It’s a win for them, and it’s a win for me because I love learning.
  • Sales Professionals – I have sold books door-to-door in Flint, MI. I have sold Yellowbook as book #5 in Jackson Hole, WY. I have sold advertising packages throughout southern Idaho. I also sold pizzas door-to-door and via phone (Delivery drivers are sales people, don’t ya’ know?). I get sales professionals and I build rapport with them quickly. When I am looking for an into a business, it helps to talk t0 the employees who are responsible for closing sales, because content marketing makes their job easier.
  • Personal Connections – My leads have increased exponentially by working in a coworking spot – because I meet and regularly interact with people who are my ideal clients (salespeople, specialists, and small business owners/employees). I make personal connections and increase my customers.
  • English Speakers – Mi Español es no muy malo, tambien. But, I am experienced with writing in English, to English speakers.

These are some of the characteristics that help me decide who I am targeting in my content creation and marketing, and how I work at converting them.

What are the characteristics of the people you do your business for? Do you work with one gender, language group, or nationality? Do you write more than one language fluently? Do you love to talk about fashion but dislike technical writing? All of these questions will help you find a customer who needs your writing.


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  1. This website is really interesting. I have bookmarked it.
    Do you allow guest post on your website ? I can write high quality posts for you.
    Let me know.

    • Paul Davis

      Dwight, I would be glad to have someone guest post, but I do want to vet your writing first. Where do you write now? Please use the contact form to send me some more information about yourself.

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