Why Hire Someone Else To Write Your Content?

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I just came across an excellent article by Bright Orange Thread, 4 Reasons to Hire an Expert Writer and thought I would share a recap for you.

  1. An Expert Writer understands content on the web. Do you engage the audience in 5 seconds or less? Do you understand how to break up the content to make it scannable? These are all things Bright Orange Thread states an expert writer understands about web content. It’s true.
  2. Expert writers make jargon understandable. You understand your industry. Do your customers? Potential customers? The general public? If you are writing marketing materials for any of those audiences, you need a writer who understands the audience, not just your industry.
  3. What do the search engines want? SEO is serious business. Do you have the time to research Panda, metatags, page performance, and white/gray/black hat SEO techniques? No? These are the technical aspects of web content that expert writers understand.
  4. Time Management – It takes time to craft and write a piece of content. Even something as simple as this recap takes time. Do you have the time to focus the majority of your time on writing content for your website, or do you need to do other things (meet with clients, manage employees, plan, budget, etc)?

These are the 4 reasons Bright Orange Thread give for hiring an expert content writer. If you want more information, go read their blog here.

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