Why You Should Write and Publish Content Outside Your Niche!

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Wahoo! Today is controversy day in my 30-day challenge (Exactly 15 days behind, but who cares?).

While I love and understand the principles behind creating relevant content for a specific audience in mind, this post is about writing for yourself.

Content marketing needs to be focused, relevant, helpful, and targetted to specific questions and needs. Good content is shared, linked to, and talked about and increases user engagement on your website.

But, how do you find out what good content is? Analytics plus a big dose of experience are necessary for fine tuning your content creation.

I want to talk about experience; specifically, I want to talk about the experience we all need as writers to craft a conversational style, to practice writing our thoughts and viewpoint while getting valuable feedback from real audiences about what works, and what doesn’t work.

5 Types of Writing I Do That Will Not Generate Money


A bit presumptuous, you think? All of these types of posts generate money for someone, but they are not my niche (business marketing materials), but I still write and publish them on various forums.

  1. Politics – I know, there are political commentators who make millions of dollars doing it (Michael Moore and Rush Limbaugh, to satisfy and enrage both the American Left and Right). But, I am not one of them and will likely never be one, because I get so bored with it. I practice writing about politics for multiple reasons though: sometimes I find something interesting, I get so tired of people’s ignorant comments, or I want a challenge.
  2. Poetry – I don’t often publish my poems, but sometimes I create something that I want to share with more people than my wife (who always laughs at my poor love poems I write her. Don’t worry, they are designed to make her laugh because they are poor poetry).
  3. Fiction – I have not written much fiction before, but I am starting a new sub-domain today about a group of people who incorporate Greco-Roman styles of fighting with local self-government during the Zombie Apocolypse. Why? Because I find the idea interesting (see my reason for politics above). I read fiction voraciously, which means I have and will continue to write it, even if it never makes me a penny.
  4. Spiritual Instructions – I love God, and I love others. I love teaching about loving God and others. I love being repetitive. Love, lovely, do…..
    OK. Enough of that. But seriously, I write about spiritual and religious topics because of my passion for them. I have not received direct payment from them, yet.
  5. Tributes – When someone dies, I mourn them through my writing, whether that is remembering my close friends and family on Memorial Day or remembering a teacher that I met once.

These are my 5 types of writing that I do because I love writing, what do you write just for the joy of it?

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